We have all heard the saying “balance in life is everything”. In my opinion, there is no rarely such thing as balance. There is life.


I found yoga (rather reluctantly) after it was recommended to me by a physio. I loved running and had ran three marathons, one year after another. I did minimal stretching during

these years and figured I was lucky enough that I never picked up an injury.


Well the time came (as it always does) when I did and I had a pesky IT band injury that wouldn’t shift.

I went to a Hot Yoga class in Liverpool where I lived at the time and was immediately hooked.. The injury resolved and I decided it was time to hang up the running shoes

(I was never really built for or talented enough to be an Olympic gold long distance runner) and concentrated on my practice.


For the first year or so, it was the physical practice that kept me coming back to class.

One day in class, a teacher said “you are where your exactly meant to be”

This was a revelation to me (typical type A personality that I am, I was probably trying to grab my toes/comparing myself to other students/push my body into a posture

It was not ready for or all of the above)

This was a true light bulb moment for me and I tried to view my life off the matter through that perspective.

It works 90% of the time. 10% not so much (note aforementioned Type A). But that’s who I am. Like we all are. Contradictions and full of perfect imperfections.


I am also a practising Solicitor and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my practice has helped me deal with the stresses and demands of my career

and more importantly, enabled me to be a better friend, daughter, sister, partner, co-worker.

Although I still have my moments. Lots of them. Back to my initial point about balance and life.

Sometimes the yoga and meditation goes out the window but I always seem to find my way back.